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“Young people think love is the most memorable thing in the world - but little do they know...”
An Elven woman gracefully sat in the chair in her living room. Still, she looked as if she was sitting on the throne in the ceremonial hall. She kept talking while a young man sitting by her side was playing a harp.

“Love and romance can be as deep as the night starry sky. You keep the image of it just as you cherish the story that touched your heart. The more you read about love, the more art and music you absorb, the more complicated your feelings turn out to be.
Alas, it also means you are becoming vulnerable. To the point where you are so afraid to lose something that you admire it even more.”

The woman went quiet, listening to the harp tune. Her audience, young boys and girls, kept reminiscing of their love affairs that led to them meeting one of the greatest writers of all time.